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BBMak Babes~
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Here's a chance for you to contribute any stories, info, tour dates or anything you know about BBMak.

On this page, we'll share some of the stories and info we've received in our guestbook and from e-mail. In some cases, we also may respond to the comments you've made. Please tell us anything you know or have experienced. You never know, your comments may show up on this website!!!

Hey Ashley,
I'm just writing/typing to say I love you guys' site. I was wondering,
how do you get to meet them so much? I'd love to get some of the cute
pictures like you guys have

. I have a story to tell you. I was at the Nsync
concert in Hershey, Pa on May 28th and my friends and I were just walking
around and I was talking to them, and not really paying attention to where I
was going when my friend said turn around and I was like "why?" and she said
"just do it!" I was wondering why she said it the way she did so I turned
around and right when I did I ran right into Christian...well almost when I
was trying to move out of his way a tripped and almost fell anyway (I'm a
blonde note that lol) and with experiences I've had with famous people I
thought he'd be angry and yell so I prepared myself for it. But he was nice
about it and said "Oh!" and then kinda giggled and smiled...well of course I
about fell over because he smiled (he has a nice one) I was surprised and
with his security I didn't get a chance to say anything. I wish I would
have. But then later on I was taking a picture of something and when I got
the pictures devolped Mark ended up in it! So thats my story. Thanks. I
hope to hear from you :)

Here is a girl named Erica's experience with BBMak. my friend scored tickets to their mom and sis came with us and we still had a while before they concert when we got there.we were walking and went by where the concert was(there was a lot of things right there)so we waited my mom and sis got in line for autographs and after
the concert(MIND YOU IT WAS FANTASTIC)they were walking over to the autograph place and i shouted "I LOVE YOU STE"he really turned around and saw me+said
hi.well we couldn't get in line so my friend and i was standing about 5 ft
away!!!!!Christian turned and did the cutest wave and said hi we started screaming then about every 5 min he did that.then my sis got up there and showed them who i was.they all waved then.we were going crazy!!!!!then
as they were leaving Christian grabbed my hand and said buh-bye then I grabbed
Ste and he said Bye.Then Mark was like wutsup love?!!!!!!!!!!i freaked!!!!!!!!well thats my encounter/experience. thanx