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Our Story

JUNE 3 2000


See that pic above? There are the pics of us with Christian!Isn't he GEORGEOUS!!Here is our story about how we met them.....The first time we saw BBMak, we fell in love with them. Since then we've been hooked. Our dream has been to meet them in person.


We never thought our dream would come true until Ashley's mother got us tickets to the Kiss 108 Concert. We had heard that BBMak was going to be there. We were so siked! We made a poster that said, "We Love You Christian" on it. Unfortunately, we had lawn seats. When BBMak went on we went crazy and we held our poster up high. And to our amazement, Christian waved to us from onstage!!!


Later, we went to the autograph booth to see that we didn't miss BBMak's signing. We were the last ones in line and we thought we wouldn't make it to them. As we were approaching them, we were so nervous. When we got to Christian he saw the poster and said in his adorable accent "Oh my God I saw you guys. Did you see me waving? I was watching you the whole time!!" We freaked out!!! Ashley asked for a hug and so did Lauren. He said "Of course you can!!!" They were soo hot in person. That's our BBMak experience...Now we want to hear yours!!~