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BBMak Babes~
Listen To This 3~

We Saw BBMak.....yet again!~!

OCTOBER 26 2000

We saw BBMak again in concert and this time they were on their own tour!~ We saw them at the Avalon in Boston, MA. It was Marks Bday!~ 22 years old! We made three posters this time. One for Christian, one for Mark for his bday and one for Ste! They were sooooooooooo good! Mark played his bagpipes and Christian was dancing a little "jig" Ste raised his eyebrows at us like 5 times. Seriously!~!!!~



I think they remembered us because Christian saw our poster! And when we sang happy Bday to mark, we held up our poster and he smiled that adorable smile of his!
It wasnt easy getting into the concert. When they opened the doors the three of us ran as fast as we could....we might have um...cut a few..ok a LOT of people but it was worth it because we were right in front!


At first there was Kid David playing, he was soo good. Then there was a hott hotttttt latin guy by the name of Lugo... He was really goodddd. Lugo if ur out there, we want to be one of ur dancers!! Please?? lol Then there was Solid Harmony, they are a new girl band and they were awesome. My sister got an autograph from them. Then there was Jessica Riddle. She was good too.


THEN there was......... BBMak.......Finally they were the best of them all(sorry guys!~) We had three roses and three stuffed animals, one for each of the guys, but Christian was on our side...(Still on our siiiideeee)Sorry lol and we threw them all to him. He saw them all fall on the stage, and i think we hit a security guard...oops sorry. They sang More Than Words... Our fav song and we cried!!! Of happiness of course. At the end of the concert we got one of Christians guitar picks!~!!

Lol well we got t-shirts and posters, but no autograph, but at the concert, when they were leaving, Christian scooped up our three roses and held them up in the air and said "YAAAA!!!!" We were estatic!~! That was one great day. We left the posters by their tour bus so hopefully they got them!~ We got in our limo(seriously we rented one!) and cried all the way home!!~

All these pics were taken by Ashley sarah and Lauren~


Christians Hair!!
Listen to this!!~
Listen To This 3~
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