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BBMak Babes~
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Check out the New Christian Gallery....A lot of new HOTT pics of him:) And i added a a new photo gallery called the..**HOttie Gallery**...bran new SEXY pics...check it out...

WE MET THEM on JUNE 2nd!!!!!! Yeah the Kiss concert 2001 was amazing the best one i ever been too! I Hate to inform u that BBmak was just OK..they werent that great...But we GOT TO MEET THEM AGAIN!!well soon we get them devoepled and on to the Listen to this Page 4!! Also Check out the the Listen to this 2 page where all bran new pics of the guys have been FINNALY added on..sorry for the delay on the page!



Hey everyone whats up with Christians new hair? presonally i HATE IT!! i mean the guy had GORGEOUS hair and then he had to go shave it all off! i have no idea WHY he did this..if hes just tryin to be like J TImberlake..well DONT!! He looked so much better the other way!~ well tell us what U think of his us ..u can find our e-mail addressess on the contact us page~

BBMak are three hotties from Britian with amazing voices and musical talent. BBMak has signed a record deal with Hollywood Records. These guys are far from a boy band because they write and produce their own songs, and they don't lip sinc at concerts. And most of all NO DANCING!!~


We dedicated our time and effort into this BBMak website. If you want the best info, pics, and anything else about BBMak this is the right place to be so enjoy!~


BBMak Charlies Angels!~



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